Welcome to my little corner in this networking cyberworld! However you found my blog, I am privileged to have you here. I believe nothing happens by coincidence but by the workings of our great and awesome God. I hope you will be admonished in the life that God gives to us and maybe find a few practical tips or helps along the way. I am a wife, mother, and homeschooling mom of 9. I love God's Word, memorizing it, teaching it, learning together as a family, organizing, planning, reading and music. I will try to share some of the things that God has taught me, led me to or given me in hopes that it may be of encouragement to you. Remember, there is joy in the journey!!

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Eden Spa’s Billboard Petition

Eden Spa has graciously responded to a request to remove their billboard advertising (which uses an image of a young woman in a bikini against an almost neon-pink background) which some believe to be offensive and/or inappropriate.  This advertisement is located on main highways in the golden triangle regional area of Mississippi.  The person responsible […]

The Reading Game

The Reading Game caught my attention after seeing an online post.  I then contacted the company to inquire about reviewing it as I would be hosting a reading workshop at our state homeschool conference in the spring.  I received The Reading Game and an extra one to give away at the workshop.  I have 3 […]

Resurrection Celebration

This Easter we wanted to have a big celebration with friends to remember what Christ did for us on the cross and the significance of this event.  For us as Christians we choose to remember Christ’s birth on Christmas and His death burial and resurrection on Easter.  Our goal is to celebrate Easter with the […]

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